Dear Me

Dear Me,

Okay , hmm…, I’m in bad shape.
It’s funny looking back on it now.
I was so sure he was the one and when he left me, i was so devastated.
And now, the painful part’s over (my friends got me through it, thank u so much 🙂 )
I’ve come out the other side a little bit stronger.
U know, i hardly even think about him anymore.
And, this is me, moving on.
A great new chapter of my life began today.
It all just when away and that was it.
In that moment, i wasn’t angry anymore.
I could see, i could feel, my ex was only meant to be with his gf.
U may think ur only choices are to swallow ur anger or throw it in someone’s face.
But, there’s a third option: u can just let it go.
And when u do that, it really gone and u can move forward.
That was the perfect ending to a perfect love story.
It just wasn’t mine.
Mine was still out there, waiting for me..

Ted, u r so right.

Miss Broken Heart

*Taken from: Ted Mosby, How I Met Ur Mother*

1 comment
  1. Evi Yuniati said:

    The show must go on 🙂 leave it behind..


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